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Default Re: Most # of times you have been stopped in a day?

Boy have we been round and round on the law in IL. Along with two condrdictions and a lot of nonsense, they made a new catagory in the vec. Code . This is great in that there are NO requirements except age (over sixteen) and under 20mph ,so no lic. No reg. No ins. Nada . but in the IL vec. Code they make no def. Of horsepower? The assumtion is they are refering to an S.A.E. Def. I can't find it?
the main grey area is in one sentance of new law re: must have two fully operable pedals and engine UNDER one horsepower.
There is no direct corelation between cc's and h.p. By S.A.E. Def. And old law re:motorcycles said 50 cc or less?
Nobody ive talked too knows what the blank is going on?
I've had a cop stop me ,start to write me up then i showed them new law and they let me buddy had an officer follow him into a bar and tell him that he cant ride in the street ,read the new law ,then told him he didnt have dot sticker??? After all that they let brett go too?
The new law is clearly out lined in 2010 police info man. For IL.
Most cops never heard of it.
we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
for he that shares the road with me shall be my brother. be he nare so vile this ride shall gentile his condition . and pedestrians now afoot will hold there manhood cheap when passed by a motor bike geek
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