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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
or dump a handfull of nuts or a length of chain in there and shake it around for awhile to dislodge any loose crap.
See post above - did that.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Ifn yer interested - it's part # 7-02350 fer like $11 er so...

Perfect! It would look cool, too. I'll hit NAPA today.

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
I don't think you will be able to keep much oil or water in the crankcase, even if the engine is run at a very low RPM. It is a 2 stroke, so the passing of vapor from the bottom up through the top will blow it out of the engine.
Since its not ICE, though, you can't really "flood" it, so I guess it won't hurt, just might make a leaky mess.

Best of luck, I think this is really cool. What will you use for oil? You can get 5gallon buckets of hydraulic oil or gear oil from tractor farming stores. Maybe something made for irrigation lines might work.

Well, I'm thinking oil sitting in the crankcase won't vaporize, that it will mostly just splash around. Also, if I go without the oil injector carb, I'll put a plate over the intake and that should eliminate any air turbulence in the crankcase. I'm starting to think that's going to be the way to go anyway.

I know what you're saying about hydraulic oil ... it would have to be pretty thin to run through a carb.

THANK YOU for the suggestions everybody - it really helps to have the input with a project as outside the box as this. More heads are better than one, especially since this one isn't firing on all cylinders. Actually, come to think of it, there's only one cylinder and it doesn't fire at all!

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