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Default Re: Building a board track frame from scratch...sort of

I found a place in sommerville that has 1 1/4" 14ga tubing that I can get for just under $50 a stick. I'm going to pick up one on Monday as I didn't get out of work in time to do it today. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there on my motorized bicycle with a grinder and cut it in half there to get it home. They aren't the kind of place to cut for free.

What I haven't decided yet is if I'm going to modify my bike with a rack like people use to carry surf boards on their bikes or construct a bob trailer this weekend. The rack would be much easier to implement but doesn't give me much in the way of cargo capability beyond carrying sticks of stock. I'm leaning twords the trailer because I need to start getting back in shape for when I go back to working as a pedicab driver in april. I figure I can pull a weighted trailer on my ten mile commute. No way to replicate pulling 500lbs of people, 300lbs of bike and my 180lb weight though.
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