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Default Re: I just want to say......

I like the cheap ones. More for the options available then any thing else.

For personal use, I build with cheap department store bikes. Had a Point Beech last 6,000 miles that I could document. I started keeping track after a drunkard in chat said I was either lying or was gonna die soon as cheap aluminum bikes could not hold up. The bike had a lot more then 6K on her when she did fracture. Hit the same pot hole 2ce, at speed. Could not be avoided either time due to traffic. She started life with a Dax kit then a BGF 2 stroke. From there upgraded her to a Honda then finally HF 79cc.

Looking around for a bike to put the Honda back on and will be going with another cheap store bought one. One real important thing I have learned about em, put them together for my self. If it is assembled at the store, it might have been a rush job as their master bicycle mechanic may have been in a hurry to collect shopping carts, snork.

One thing that amazes me, the tires and brake pads seem to hold up really well.

As with any bicycle but most especially the inexpensive ones, remove or shore up them fenders!!!

(this message brought to you by the PAOF. (people afraid of fenders) The one bike I left the fenders on and did not alter as they were so stout, well'p they weren't and did the face plant boogie. But was close to home.
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