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Default Re: Where is Pirate?

Pirate has been nothing short of wonderful for me.
I've used them a couple of times.
First time was a replacement carb for my flying horse(stolen).Last time was for vibration dampeners for my headache(GT5 SkHk). Last time should have been for a billet head & intake but I can't get the motor running. And to think I got the GT5 for it's compatability w/ manic's head, while thinking that it also includes in the price the "CNS" I was going to buy for my Flying Horse.
I was going to buy my 2nd kit from them but they were out of stock.
So I pray to holy h-e-double-hockey sticks(highly offensive/censored word here -apparently women and children are only permitted to hear it in church), that he continues to be around as long this hobby exists.
As for the phone:
you actually got through on the phone? I never did. Though I never bothered to leave a message either. I don't like phone tag.
2 days with a previous excellent track record and you title the post "where is" as if he disappeared instead of "is..."
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