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I'm old, my balance eyesight and memory are just a bit shaky. So please forgive so simple a question. Today I had a particularly tough day on the bike. Balance problems from being over tired I hope. But I had the most problems starting the bike from a stop sign on a slight incline.

I was trying to push the bike off to get a little momentum and it was making it worse I think. Do you guys start with a down stroke on the pedal or a push off then down stroke. I know this sounds like an idiot question but I hadn't been on a bike for forty years till last spring.

I hadn't noticed any problem till today, so I think it was just a day when I should have taken a long nap instead of a bike ride, but still its a fair question.

Also I'm wondering If a 26" bike would be easier to get moving on that slight incline. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Ps you aren't going to hurt my feelings if you tell me to get a horse before the bike kills me. I won't listen of course but I won't be offended either.
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