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Default Re: I just want to say......

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
pretty much everything you're experiencing with your Worksman are the same things everyone else has come up against while building one. me included. in my opinion, from a custom build standpoint with intentions to sell, it's not worth the amount of hassle. especially if limited on tools and patience.

but if you're building it for yourself, like all bikes, once you're riding it, it's worth all the hurdles you ran into.
well i plan to start selling these on the side just to make a couple hundred bucks on the side during the summer when gas prices hit their peak, i'm sure once i get the hang of em better everything will get easier from there, just need to get the hang of em first i think. if not i'll only make 2-3 of em aside from my own, but i'd only use worksman bikes because i'd rather not sell something that wont be safe and reliable. even if it drives my cost up, and in turn the end cost, also would not be using the rag joints since all iv'e had with em were bad experiences.

but i do gotta agree all the effort i put into it up until that single ride i got out of it, totally worth i was having so much fun even though it was only 12 degrees out before the wind chill lol.
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