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Default Re: I just want to say......

Originally Posted by Tinsmith View Post
matthurd, Lots of folks have done worksman bikes, but there is modification required. Lack of experience and tools/equipment would make it even more challenging. My worksman build has been horribly slow due to lack of time, but since I do enjoy the small gains I make I figure it's worth it. As soon as I get it done, I'll probably take the one I'm riding now apart and try to improve it. Keep at it! Dan
i plan too, the only thing holding me back now is $money$, i had to wait a while so i could afford a new sprocket, was not a big deal though since i wanted the one sportscarpat was making anyways, and now that piratecycles seems to be out of 40 tooth sprockets for their adapters the choice is even more clear cut, and i had my bike running at one point but had chain rub on the frame, got around to fixing it and in 2 weeks of storage i somehow killed the cdi it seems.

just bad luck on my end but luckily iv'e always been pretty patient in most aspects of my life (or lazy depending how you look at it )
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