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Default Re: Analog vs Digital

My Vapor came in today. I got the 75-704 with a 14mm engine temp sensor added to the kit for the spark plug attachment on the cylinder head. Spec sheet in my hand says it will operate 6.0-400 vac/vdc. This is to grab power from the ignition coil on MX bikes with no battery. I don't completely understand it. When I ordered it on the phone this is what they told me too.

I had terrible luck with speedos on the Morini this is where this kit is going for me. Then I can observe engine temp clutch adjustment etc.

The tach attaches to the wiring going to the cdi. My power wire goes to the hot kill switch wire. It was told to me that the internal battery will not last very long with out the support of the auxiliary power hook up.

Reading the spec sheet vehicles with 12 volt battery can be used as well. I don't understand how this works yet with out some kind of voltage regulator? Everything seams present in the directions and the directions are clear and easy to read to me.

The screen display is huge to me and the pictures of it I found seam to make it look smaller! lol Still waiting for my new Morini parts to arrive then I will start a thread in the Morini section.
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