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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Pictured below are the two side pieces I cut for my solo attempt on tank #3. I was pleased at being able to follow the scribed lines with clean cuts. These tin snips than Dan and I used are sharp and neither has a serrated edge. I'll show photos next time of the different tin snips as some are designed for cutting straight lines and others for curves.
The second photo shows my attempts at doing the flanges on the two side pieces. I had practiced on scraps and felt like I was ready to try the curves of the real deal. The first one turned out pretty well and is good enough to use. It is underneath in the photo. I felt encouraged at this modest success and did the flange on the second one with more confidence and in the end less attention. I worked my way to the small end of the side at what would be the rear of the finished tank and things went wrong quickly. I'm not sure what I did, but it is a mess and is not usable. If it were copper which is more malleable it might be salvaged, but the tin is less forgiving and nothing can be done to make it look right. So next Saturday when I am fresh and have practiced some more on scraps I will cut out another side piece and do the flange again... also paying attention to which way the flange needs to go as one piece will be a right side and the other a left side with both flanges bent to the inside of the tank.
I console myself by knowing that the mistakes and the failures are one step in the road to success... not to be discouraged, but to do it again better the next time. See you at the Tinsmith's shop next time...
good night, friend SB, fascinating project, thank you for sharing all this fabulous information, I will say more (all this training) you knew the hands of DAN and friend describes how the whole process makes you an authentic journalist devoted to the technological information . I would like to ask you three questions?
how many mm is the gauge of the plate?
what type of material, brass, galvanized iron or copper?, I know I've said in previous post this but my translator was a bit confused. congratulations on your project
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