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Thanks for the tip Low,

The noise problem does not reside within the thru bolt. I took the shaft collars off, and placed them down on a piece of cork/rubber gasket material and made my own vibration dampening washers because HomeDepot wanted a arm and a leg for 2 of them. So I placed them everywhere metal came in contact with metal on the thru bolt assembly. No more vibration noise there. However, my thru bolt is getting excessive wear from the housing eating away at it, and might take your idea when I need to replace it.

It is weird the BMP's clutch bell is clean, shiny, smooth and lightweight, where as the Thatsdax clutch bell drum is rough, heavy, and is a lower grade metal, however, the clutch seems to grab the Thatsdax's drum better.

The clamoring/chattering within the clutch bell drum within the BMP comes from after you start the bike up. It idles fine, no noise there. However when the clutch just starts to grab the clutch bell drum, is where the chattering comes in, after the bike is riding/cruising the chattering is no more. It only occurs on initial acceleration to get the wheels moving.
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