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Question Deon from Brooklyn, NY baby! but having some problems = (. Help me out.

Hey whats up im Deon from brooklyn, NY. I manage to install everything sofar, except im having a slight problem with my drive chain, I have rear disc rotor mounts, to solve this I have a 32t disc mount Sprocket comming from Andyinchville. In the mean time while I wait, I used the stock 44t that came with my Dax 70cc and got 2 longer bolts and mounted it as a proto. When I installed the chain and everything, I noticed the part of the chain comming out of the engine didnt align correctly with the rear sprocket. So after about 1 hour of fiddling, I decided to use the Idler as a sort of aligner, I happened to align it using the idler but since the idler cannot really mount slanted, and turns when the chain is moving the chain goes back unaligned. During a few seconds of riding I manage to actually make the motor cough "Brum, brum, brum, brum", you know what I mean, but not start. It this indication that the disc mount will not work (Chainline issues)? I had a feeling that it was either 2things wrong, the sprocket was only held by 2 bolts top and bottom (may not be true), and the sprocket was a 44t (bigger), im getting a 32t disc mount. So fellas give me your opinion. Thanks alot, hope to hear from ya.
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