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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

I promised a few photos from last Saturday's shop session. First is a side view of tank #2. I gave this tank a coat of Top Flite clear coat under less than ideal conditions for painting (wind and cold at the open shop door) so that later I can see what effect gasoline has on it.
Second photo show a neat little tool for scribing a parallel line on the edge of the side pieces which is where the flange is made. For our flange Dan has chosen to make it 3/16". He says that trying to make it wider than than is difficult to get the bend to work right as the wider the flange is the more resistance there is to bend. He considered making it 1/8" and I may try that on a later tank to see how it goes. As you'll see in the next post, it isn't so easy when I try it...
In the last two photos Dan is shown cutting the side pieces for the copper version of the tank.
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