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Default Re: New MB article- honors fairracing 31

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post

This was a bit of a shock this morning

Thank You G Witt that is awesome I love how you added a little AZ history.

I only wish I had taken my camera and gotten some pics of the ride.

Most people don't know how beautiful Arizona can be. Most think its a dry and brown place with only cactus. But some years we get enough rain where the wild flowers really bloom. It can be a very beautiful sight

Thank You for the was great
Hey thanks, I am pleased you liked it. I really liked it when you wrote it, as well. It sprung memories of how beautiful America really is-and that is in my vehicle- I imiage by motorized bicycles its even more of a blast, taking the time to smell the roses, so to speak.

There are truly some great stories on this site and I plan to write some more about the adventures.

The article Route 79 Arizona: The Springtime Ride got rejected three times. I wrote the other article "Top 10 Sites for Motorbicycles" and at the last minute I deceided to try submiting the article again. I cut it down some 400 words and changed the name from The Springtime Ride- Route 79 Arizona. Lo and behold they accepted it even though the orginal I believe was better.

Maybe they had a hard time distinguising between if it was about motorbicycles or a western. I may have overdid the Old West part of it in the first edition.

I am a big Old West buff.

You all do great work and I hope I honor you. Some of the post are simply awesome...
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