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Default Re: BlowByU GT2 Build

Originally Posted by zean View Post
Thank you Terry for all of your videos and threads explaining in detail how to build a motorized bicycle in home in an honest tell it like it is approach. The neck, is that the piece of steel between the handlebar clamp and the part the wedge bolt goes through, and the replacement steering stem and fuel cap, were they included in the box with the GT2 Bicycle? Your attention to detail during your builds really shows when done. Terry I'm sorry for the twenty questions, but are the MP Cruisers built as good as the bicycles from the late 1940's and early 50's in that they would maintain a solid feel when running at say fifty mph? Thank you Terry for sharing your insightful knowledge and extensive experience while building your motorized bicycles.
Yes the parts are included, the supplier for this bike went to great lengths to rectify the 2 problems with this bike, the steering stem & gas cap.
I live for this stuff and I like nothing better than to tell people all about what I have learned.
The GT bikes have all the same upgrades I give all of my customs but at a price everyone can afford.
Now the Felt MP is a really solid bike but has all the same problems regular bikes have.
Inadequate brakes poor hub bearing that will not last at higher speed that you will reach with an engine on your bike.
So sealed bearings are needed and front brakes right away, the nexus 3 speed was a nightmare to find a sprocket for, there is one available for it now.
I enjoy making the videos they are a lot of work just remember they are unscripted and completely amateur.
Thank you very much for your kind words about my efforts to help others.

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