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Cool Re: Most # of times you have been stopped in a day?

Unlike most ppl on here, i like answering all the questions about my bikes. I have two myself, but i've built five so far this winter for other ppl. And two of them wanted they're bike like mine,(With the sbp shift kit) you buy the part? i put it together for $20.(Or a 12 pack to share lol. Most of the time they end up drinking must of it just learning about the buy themselves. I get bumb barded where ever i go with ppl asking me about how fast it is. Well i can tell you ,i did extentsive work on the motor, by balancing the shaft, and horning out the intake, and exaust ports, and boost bottle. (so it 3.20 hp, not 2.75 80/66cc grubee. I built one for a guy that i beat during a race down portland ave, in south minnapolis Mn. he said he paid almost $1700 buck for that scooter,and it only goes 35mph down hill lmmfao! My bike does 55+ on flat surface. Might i add he was pretty PO'd. i gave hime my number, and within a months time. he had sold the scooter to his sister, and ordered the parts. So i built him one,(with his helping of course) That way he knows what going on with the bike. We ride now all over with a few other ppl i built for. And when i say ride?! (I mean we ride for hours.) Even though we have to slowdown for the ones that opted out of buying the boost bottle, and SBP's shift kit lol. but oh well! we're still sticking it too the man with gas saving vehicles lol. So if you want to start a bike club in minnesota? My email is (Hit me up) Well think safety out there guys! And alway keep ur bike up to par, with tune ups and safety equipment,. And please stay safe! Don"t be a fool ! (hurd me!)
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