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Default Re: a weird guy named ray sent me here

right now the only tomos i have is a 2009 that i traded a crappy old derbi for

what brand of hubs are you looking for im guessing you would want the rear to have a freewheel to use on a bicycle you would need them from puch,motobecane,peugeot,batavus i might be able to dig up a set of motobecane hubs

jawas have a freewheel but its on the left cause them backwards commies in the eastern block like to build things the wrong way

the only headlights i have are from jawas they are not the kind you want but they look cool though its a cev bucket that takes an 1156 type bulb and the speedo bracket mounts on top of it il grab a pic of one tomorrow at some point

the czechs even though backwards did make one of the most gorgeous bikes
heres my 1971 50/20 pionyr
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