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Cool Re: Exploded view of HT

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
It is a confusing conundrum Buz...There are many people who despise any aftermarket products that may improve the reliability of the Chinese kit...these same people will wave the flag and cry that China has robbed Americans of jobs.

It's a weird a flag waving American they don't want anyone to profit...but they also don't want China to take away American Jobs...go figure that one out!!!

Believe me, i WISH the china girl engines were made here...
(Id love to have a little chat with there tool and die/casting guys)
But neither is the Morini...
and the generic China girl out sells the Morini 50 to 1.
As a builder I buy what works best and my customers are willing to pay for price point wise.
I don't get the attitude either.
"Dont you have any American bikes in here?"
yeah sure we do... they cost more... Cannondale
(we call em Crackendales)
Then I show them a spec sheet on a comparable Chinese or Taiwan bike and it shuts em right up.
I wonder just how strong that Pro American conviction really is.
I love my country, Its the Politicians im ashamed of.
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