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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
rode around for awhile, back wheel started squeaking, so i just now took it apart and re-greased it.

it's an NOS shimano cb- D120, which is basically the same as the E series, but it's heavier-duty-er.

or so i thought.

the brake shoes are almost toast and all the grease was burnt off.

this hub was basically new and re-greased with phil wood grease when i laced it up for this bike.

i guess shimano hubs ain't the best on a hot rod bike.

i took some better shoes from an old hub and popped out all the bearings from the races (and added more) to make it a loose-bearing hub so it rolls better and hopefully lasts longer. if you've ever re-built a coaster brake hub with loose bearings, it ain't that fun, but it's not that big of a deal.

i think i'm gonna test ride it over to target to get me a cheap speedo so's i can show youse guys how fast it really is.

and i'm working on some different hub options...
Sounds like you did good with those hubs over all. I would not expect to make it past 5 days of heavy braking and a Morini. pffft. I am a pretty big tall guy tho..

The speedometer I ordered will have a tachometer, temp sensor, mph, average speed, clock, Maintenance a high temp alarm, built in fuel consumption calculator and it will even run off the china white wire

I had no luck with cheep speed ohmmeters and the Morini on my last build. they worked good on the china tho. I found these, these are like Doritos they make more! Ordered nine of them lol. When they get done falling apart I will make a custom light! for the white wire on the China lol.Waterproof LED Bike Bicycle Head Light+Rear Flashlight - eBay (item 250521741093 end time Mar-22-11 23:09:43 PDT)

Still gotta have a since of humor.

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