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Default Re: Most # of times you have been stopped in a day?

i've only been flagged down a few times, but i get a lot of stares of disbelief and thumbs up, mostly because i have a bike that's as fast as traffic.

normally, it's when i'm stopped somewheres, and it's usually when i'm walking out of some taco place and i just want to get home and eat before my food gets cold. if the person looks normal or like a potential customer (and not like some motel-livin' tweeker,) i'll talk a little while, hand 'em a card, and explain that i just wanna go home and eat.

my cards have my email, and i'll give them the forum website so if they're serious, they can find out everything they wanna know.

it's a daily occurence. everytime i ride, someone wants to know about my bike.
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