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Default Re: Cranbrook Pre-Build Mockup and Advice

Okay..... so obviously the bike needs a bit of cleaning up before it won't kill me. I'm pretty familiar with working on bicycles so that should be okay.

I wasn't planning on drilling into the frame. I read on some kits that they require you to drill into the frame.... and I thought, that cannot be good for the integrity of the frame. The kit I'm looking at comes with this though:

and it states in broken english that the engine comes with: "U-Clamp bigger frame adapter ( no drill hole on the bike frame needed) (if bigger mount do not need U-clamp)"

So will I not have to drill the frame if it comes with that? I guess it doesn't seem too hard to make my own mount either. Is the exhaust pipe clamp a pretty simple modification?

Not sure really what you mean when you say the pedals just screw into the crank arms though.... On any "real" bike I've been on, the pedals screw onto the cranks... just with reverse threading on one side.

So the issue with the dust cap is that it sticks out too much for the wheel sprocket to mount onto the hub? Is that right? So by making the dust cap thinner, it sets it in more and the sprocket can rest flush?

Thanks for the info.
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