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Default Re: Cranbrook Pre-Build Mockup and Advice

I have done alot of crapbrooks, I use the grubee kits, but they are all pretty much the same, motor is not to hard to mount, have to make a custome motor mount for the front mount because the down tube on the cranboob is to fat, I make my mounts out of exaustpipe clamps, pretty simple, but please, dont do the old "drill through the frame" mounting bit, you will die, trust me. Rear wheel can be a bit tricky, Instead of sanding down the dust cap, I milled out the sprocket a bit to fit over the cap, but be careful doing that, if you dont get it exactly round again, it will wobble. wobble= death, remember that. I didnt have to do any mods to my brake arm after fitting the sprocket over the cap.
Also, make sure to regrease the wheel bearings, I have got some crapboobs that have little to no grease on the bearings, remember greese= good, no grease = Death, remember that.
two more things you will have issues with over time.
1: Use lock tight on the peddles, unlike "real" bikes, the crannys peddles just screw into the crank arm, this will wiggle wout over time untill you put your big foot down to peddle it and SNAP, it comes out, ripping the threads out with it and sending you into a ditch, broken peddle= death.
2: the seat will fail, realy, within less then 10 miles, you will bust the seat, I dont care how tiny your butt is, it will break the springs, or the bolts holding the springs, getting a spring enima while going 30mph is no fun, you will also crash and die, spring enima= death, remember that.
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