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Default Re: The 100 year old cranbrook

thanks for the feedback guys,to answer a few questions, first, the triple tree fork is from, had to cut to length of course, I thought about threading the tube but instead I used a dremel to sand off the threads on the headtube races so that they would fit the threadless steerer, the only thing I did not keep was the locknut, instead I just use the top clamp of the triple tree to hold it all in place, seems to work good so far.
To answer ratrods question, no, those are stock cranks and they dont even come close to hitting the expansion chamber, they usualy hit the stock pipe when I do a cranny build, but believe it or not, the expansion pipe fits closer to the frame and gives no clearance issues at all.
Fishguts, the chain works ok loose like that, but im going to build a custom chain tensioner for it, but till then, ill either leave it loose ot use the stock pile-O-crap as a temp fix.
If the friggin weather permits, Im going to take her out for her first real ride today, try to get some better pics.
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