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Default a weird guy named ray sent me here

everybody call me moped jay

i havent had a motorized bicycle since i was like 17 but i have had hundreds of mopeds motorcycles and scooters since then

ray(im not sure what his user name is on here yet) is into the kit bikes i enjoy making fun of him when he breaks down like when his cheap cast pulley broke during a downpour at the boston scooter rally but my moped seized up 5 times on the way to the rally

il prolly throw together another motorbike this spring but no kit cause i like it old school even though finding a maytag engine is getting hard im sure i can find a kick start B&S WM engine somewhere and whatever bits and pieces i can find for free or cheap

also gutta 1951 columbia bike i wanna get one of them imitation solex engines for

oh well have fun yall
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