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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Originally Posted by Tim_B_172 View Post
Thanks for the reply. I've been looking at moped forks for the past hour.

There are also adapters available from for the rest of us.

Anyway, good luck on the tank build. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Hey Tim,
I got started on my tank this Saturday, first practicing with scraps on the burring machine. It isn't as simple as it looks and requires close attention and control. Dan makes it look easy. I make it look like a lot of work... ha! After a bit I felt like I was getting a feel for the machine and also some insight into how the metal does and does not want to bend. Straight pieces and then some with a gentle curve were going well enough, so I took the plunge...
With an awl I scribed the two side pieces onto a sheet of new tin using a tin pattern piece to follow. Cutting them out with tin snips I was comfortable with and managed to stay on the line with cutting them out. The first side flanges went pretty well, not like Dan's, but for a newbie pretty good. The second one went badly toward the small tapered end. Inside curves are more difficult than outside curves. So the second side is unusable and a new one will get cut out next shop session. Of course I want to be really good at it instantly, which isn't going to happen, but it is going well enough that I'm encouraged.
While I was working on tin tank #3, Dan cut out the same tank in copper and finished flanging both sides. I don't know that I'll finish next time, but I'll be much further along anyway. I'm not expecting this first tank to be a keeper. It is an important step, however, and the first on my journey in making in frame tin gas tanks. Pretty cool.
I'll download the few pictures I took into the computer and then upload to this thread in a day or two. Then you can see for yourself how badly the one side came out. If I can learn this, there's hope for you, too.
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