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Default New tank inspired by Silverbear and Tinsmith

After reading about Tinsmith's and Silverbear's tank project, I thought I'd just got to get in on some of the tank building fun.
All it took was the inspiration.

My particular desire was to create a tank that will sit on the top tube, but
also look level from a side view, much in the way of a flat track motorcycle.
This will involve using a design incorporating a tunnel on the underside of the tank. The tank will not ride atop the bar like the kit's peanut tank. It will straddle it.

I work out of a metal shop where we fabricate ductwork, and still do all the layout by hand. I learned a good bit over the years. I drove in on my day off to use the jump shear and bending brake. It's so much easier when you have the right equipment to build something with. It cuts down on time and you don't need to improvise with using what you've got .

I found several sheets of both heavy gauge copper, and several made of brass.
I opted for the brass for my first attempt at this new found obsession.
For about a week I made sketches of tanks that would not be too complex for a first timer.
I mocked up the tank using some corrugated plastic. It;s just like cardboard.

Any way I got busy cutting it and bending it that was the easy part.

Soldering it became a challenge because it needs to be held tightly together
to keep the seams closed. Clamps and a good piece of 1/4" x 3" bar stock allowed me to apply pressure to the joint while I cooked it together. I used a propane torch, low heat and 95/5 plumbing solder. I did use a a large electric iron to do a little bit of touch up, but I really needed the ability to heat beyond the scope of an electric iron.

Here's some pics so far. It's the top and 2 sides, and front and back.. I'll work on the bottom this week if time permits. I know it will need a buffing on a buffing wheel before I
get done. I had to use fine steel wool to get the laquer off it that was on it .

I tested what I have for leaks and it's good. I've sweated plenty of copper plumbing pipe, this isn't a big stretch for me.

Here's some pics, I am open for comments and suggestions concerning
putting any kind of final ornamentation or trim etc.

Thanks for viewing,
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