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Default Re: BlowByU GT2 Build

Originally Posted by baadboy View Post
my buddy was looking at these bikes and was wondering why u have to seal these tank if they where made 4 these the motor kits

[This is going to be a fast build the sealing of the tank will be the longest part 5 or 6 days for that. ]

and if anyone can show/tell him how and what needs sealed told him i would ask u guys to see what you said /showed
I seal the tanks because they have raw steel inside and can start to rust. So I use POR 15 motorcycle tank repair kit costs about $40 bucks. There are the odd GT2 that have pin holes right at the start and it is best to seal it first as it is much easier to do before you build your bike. Sucks if you get it all done and the find out you have to take it all apart to seal it.
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