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Default Re: Custom Fuel Tank, Gas Tank

Has anyone experimented with diaphram type carbs for this application?

They have built-in fuel pumps. Way better adjustment range. A primer would be needed for starting. The all metal snowmobile or aircraft plunger primers would look good on retro type builds

Another option would be a small, crankcase pulse driven pump, like used on snowmobiles,ect.
I have one on my ultralight that's mounted 20 inches above the fueltank and delivers 3 lbs pressure.
Then you might need a fuel pressure regulator, cuz the stock HT carb float needle is made for gravity feed.
That's all pricey stuff though.

Chainsaw or weedeater type with a built in primer bulb would best use of available cheap tecnology. Prolly more maintenance though cuz diaphrams and primer bulbs don't last too long with ethenol in the fuel.
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