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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Chain came off last night right after some people cheered me on for building the bike myself. I bet I looked awesome pushing it home. I had run it without a tensioner after shortening the chain but I guess it stretched enough to where there was slack in it again. I put the chain back on tonight and re-installed the tensioner to act as a guide. I'm about to attempt a ride into town to see if it's all fixed.

Also the rear band brake squeals after a certain speed. I'll work on that later.

2/20 The brake adjustment worked and there's no more squeal. However, the chain popped off again, this time about 1 1/2 miles from home. More bike pushing ensued. I re-positioned the motor, which I should have done anyway after I had widened the frame and put on a new wheel. I also re-positioned the tensioner, but stripped part of one of the bolts holding it in place in the process. I tried shoving the tensioner over to see if it would fall into the spokes, but the chain holds it in place now. I just rode for a few miles to meet some friends and look at abandoned houses. I rode it there and back without any more problems. I'm still not ready to try commuting on it again.

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