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Default Re: Look what I scored for 10 dollars today!

Its an 84 model year Susuki DS .The bars are going on my Fathers old Honda Fat Cat. Along with one hand caliper they are both damaged on his bike. He turns his off with the key now we bypassed an old non working handle bar on/off switch. So that will prolly go to him as well.

This bike looks like the Kick start is jammed. Also the fly wheel at the mag side will not move. It is not rusted out there were no hornets. I gotta say tho this pig is one nasty mammoth blob of grease LOL.

The carb is soaking in a carb cleaner bucket it looks to be in excellent shape! There is a nice kill switch button I will using on my next Morini bike.

I will have to give this pig a good bath and then take apart the motor. I get the idea from the desert sand and the west mesa this thing came from its prolly the toast with the most. Putting it on the back burner for now. I will report back when I get a look inside.
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