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Default Re: please help.. locking screw is stuck..

i am sorry to tell you kerf but no i do not lie and what you guys are forgeting is that our tanks do not go completly empty when we fill them up.. yes even if you cant start the bike.. there is still gas in the tank. so i had some oil in the gas , the little bit that was left in the tank. but no i didnt add oil and yes i did it like that for two straight tanks. my bike is fine and runs ok. it has close to 1700 miles on it easily.

as far as it goes for timboeller... just because someone is careless does not mean they dont know what they are doing. i know what i am doing and the only reason i asked the question on here about the stuck screw is because it did happen to me and i had to go in the garage and get the tool. i did my first motor change in a car when i was thirteen . so yeah thanks for the input of your two cents.. which does not add up to anything with your negativity. sorry to inform you but if you dont have anything nice to say or to help out , then why bother on here? go take your wasted time else where. we dont need individuals like you roaming around here bored and looking for ways to be spiteful.
as far as intentionally destroyed, i did not. i did not have the money for the oil , or was not near somewhere to buy the oil, or the stores did not carry it in stock. who cares the reason? point is that i have ran these motors like that and it was from so i say they stand up to a pretty good beating. AND JUST SO YOU KNOW, EVERYONE ON HERE DESERVES HELP FIXING THEIR MB. that is another thing that makes us stand out as good people and not like the rest of the scum like all the other whatever clubs....
thats my take on it ...
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