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Default Re: please help.. locking screw is stuck..

haha i didnt ruin the engine... it is still running but want to check the clutch plate and see if i need new pads .. going through the snow at a really slow speed but super high rpms didnt help either... i already have a raw motor coming and a brand new bike.. get it this morning.. will race the two against each other to see how slow the old one really is going.... but it did lose power from the no oil thing.. these motors are so cheap i dont beating on them some... got a full year of transportation out of it for 220 bucks.. so i cant complain but you can bet that i am going to fix this old beat up motor back up... get better high rpm bearings and new clutch pads and tap the broken motor mount screw back out... have been riding with only the front motor mount for about five months..
yes i do drive it everysingle day.. and have had a wetlockz exhaust ran to it.. which is a box with a one way valve so the exhaust fumes go through the water to make it quieter.. only if i could design something like that for the intake noise... i need to get that quieter... any ideas?

gonna keep the new one clean.. and try not to beat wont be cheap or forget the oil on this one..
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