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Default trying to fill the board track void in beantown

my name is Elias and I have a couple of builds under my belt so far, one beach cruiser and one OC chopper bicycle conversion. here is my first bike

now I'm starting a build using a worksman newsboy which seem to be very popular here . what I need to know is there any way to use a gebe belt drive rear wheel ring and belt with a chinese in frame 2-stroke kit like the one I have on this bike

I guess the real question would be is there a belt drive sprocket available that will fit in there as a drop in replacement of the chain drive sprocket. would it make more sense to have a short chain go from the engine to a jack shaft and then go to the rear wheel drive ring?

I'm doing a worksman newsboy conversion and want to keep with that board tracker look and I think that the gebe weed wacker looking engines just wont do for the look I'm going for.

I have a shop that we call the slaughterhouse, I have a welder, drill press, various metal working and bicycle tools.
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