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Default Re: Centrifugal vs. Clutch Engines

this guy at venice bikes sure doesnt want you to buy one of those engines. Here is what I did. I bought parts from gasbike to build the engine myself. I bought a 48cc pull start crankcase and a 48cc tope end. the pull start that came on the engine was cheap. Plastic pawls and a cheap nylon rope that broke after about 15 or 20 pulls. But also in the box was a heavy duty pull start, all metal with a steel cable for a pull rope. I am ssuming that it was included with the crankcase. Now the new Grubee pull start engines are claiming to be pull start or pedal start. I wouldn't know for sure, since I have not taken mine on the road yet. I am having issues with gasbike over other parts that I ordered, and therefore can not take my bike on the road at this time.
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