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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Finally a nice sunny 47f(10c) day, can actually see some grass on the lawn. Swapped out the studded tire for my normal rim and went for a boot. Felt great, no toque under the dot helmet, light gloves... cruising along... then Cherries! I slowed to let him by, no luck, he had my number. I hand signaled into the next parking lot and grit my teeth.

So he starts giving me the usual hard lines, "where's your insurance/registration... that's a motorbike... need a license" *derp*

I replied back with, "its only 49cc(that bike actually is), its a power assisted bicycle, I've tried to have it registered... Here's the card of the MTO(DMV) manager I talked to..." yadda yadda.

So he then says he'll be by my house later with tickets for me o_O (Can they even do that?) I guess he wanted to confer with their local traffic law guy to see what he can charge me with. I replied immediately with "I'll have an opportunity to contest those right?"

He then said "If I see you again, those pedals had better be turning" and he made me do a couple of circles in the parking lot to prove the 'bicycle' part still worked. I think he just wants me to sweat for a couple hours. If he does show up with "After the Fact" tickets I'll be contesting them.

That card I had seemed to quiet his 'ticket opportunity meter' along with my "I'll have an opportunity to contest those right?"

If you're local laws don't have any specifics for motorized bicycles and the DMV tells you it can't be registered, and you don't need insurance, or a license, talk to the manager of your office. They have more clout than a clerk and will consult other managers. And get their card and take it everywhere!

So yea, sorry for rambling, I'm just po'd my first warm(er) cruise of the year got ruined.
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