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Hi all,
Tom asked me to give a little background on myself and told me I can not yet post links to reduce spam, so that is ok.

What got me interested in a build was a couple days ago I was trying to decide on an affordable cruiser, bike only. I like a Huffy Karaoke I saw, white and orange trim. However, the image that I saw had a motor mounted on the bike. At first I ignored it, then it got my attention. I was recently given a Razor scooter (I am 39 years old) that was wrecked and I was going to replace the throttle and control unit and use it for my 2-block commute to work. (I live in a very small east Texas university town - 6,000 people.)

Instead I decided to delay the scooter project and do the motor-bicycle project. The project I saw with the Karaoke was from this forum, by Foeller32 and his thread is "Latest Build - Huffy Karaoke Cruiser"

I followed his model, but his supplier is out of the kit until March or April, DAX only shows a silver engine, and so I really would like a recommendation on an 80cc slant black kit for under $200 shipped. I saw a Grubee kit, but would like feedback on them (or anyone else for that matter) before buying.

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