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Default BRAND New to this Hobby.. starting from scratch

How's it going all! thank you in advance for welcoming me to the forum world.. this is my first ever! Im an average guy.. 20 yrs young, Marine Reservist, Police Dispatcher, and full time student in southern California..
I have been reading up on this hobby for the past couple weeks, and have finally decided to invest and slowly break into it.

MY GOAL: buy a beach cruiser, as retro/ vintage as possible and clean her up. then after she is a normal working lubed up bike, find a motor that is the simplest to start and ride with.. I love the look of the "derringer" styles but not so much the handlebars down so far, i want to enjoy and ride upright!.. so hopefully over time I can get there. Anything y'all can assist me with would be great!

I love the idea of having this thrill all week and keep my car for the weekends!

I dont know about headlights, or tail lights.. i'm looking to make my ride, the baddest, coolest thing my town has ever seen!

I'll give you an example as to how new and un-knowledgeable I am.. I dont even know if a 2 cycle/speed motor needs to have 2 speed oil mixed in it the gas like a lawnmower.. on a bike..
ya, help me out?

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