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Default Re: Spark Plug Issues

Originally Posted by jburr36 View Post
Also I'm really interested in trying synthetic oil. I'm at or near the break in period - ok, I may have messed up by breaking the motor in by climbing an 11% grade hill at full throttle for 6 or 7 miles and a few daily 60+ mile outings but it still seems to run great - however I'm somewhat nervous about the mixing ratios of synthetics. 50:1 or even 35:1 seems like too little oil.
35:1 is perfectly fine for a HT engine. You could run all day long with a good synthetic mixed 35:1

50:1 may be a bit oil lean for this rough little engine, but it will survive. Once broken in I recommend 25:1 to 40:1, depending on the usage, ambient temps, etc
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