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Default Re: Another newbie first build.

Ok, I have to yell this just to ventilate my anger. I HATE MY CLUTCH!!!!
This clutch is too loud, I been working on it during the past 3 hrs, I take it out 3 times already does not show any kind of wear like rubing the block. The sounds comes from the back plate, somehow is a little bend and rub the big gear. The second time I take it out the sound almost dissapear, then I was motivated to competly fix it, so I put it out the third time and the results were the worst so far.


EDIT: Feb/19/2011

All the 3 times I take out the clutch, never checked the bearing inside, cause didn't knew how to take it apart and I tought that all of the movement between the big gear and the back plate was normal.

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