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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

The front fork came off of a 1995 Tomos moped. I have another moped fork which is going on a Panther frame back in Minnesota. That is is a 1979's Hercules made in Germany for Sachs. Both forks are a wee bit long, so that some shims from other 1" forks are needed to make the fit just right. I'm using the original Schwinn hardware as donor shims. The Herculese cost me $38.00 including shipping off of ebay. Pictures of that one are in this same thread earlier and are colored blue. The Tomos I got as a whole moped for $120.00 locally through Craigslist and am using other parts for a different build, including a running engine. If you have a vintage bike with a 1" threaded headset it is a good way to go. Both forks are very well made. I also like it that they have ears for mounting a headlight.
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