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Default WTB Grease Guard Hubs / Buyer's Guide / WTB Hubsets - Bicycle Parts at discount prices / the Buyer's Guide / Bicycle Parts at their finest! / Professional Bicycle Source / Bike Pro Here is a link to a pair of Hubs that were made by a company called Wilderness Trail Bikes. Other than Phill Wood hubs these are probably the best hubs ever produced and unfortunatly no longer available. WTB liscensed their Grease Guard system to Suntour which made hubs using this system for several years. There are two grease fittings in each hub so each bearing gets it own. The hubs use sealed cartridge bearings and there two special rubber seals inside the hub that keeps the cener of the hub seald and forces the greas to flush the old grease out of the outer seal. You just pump grease into each side until you see fresh grease leaving the outer seal and wipe off the excess. The original WTB hubs are very collectiable amoungst the vintage Mountian bike folks and bring pretty high prices still today when the become available bu[t the Suntour hubs can be had at quite reasonable prices.

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