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Default Re: New MB article- honors fairracing 31

Congratulations Fairracing, way to go.

Perhaps some of the rest of us could replicate some rides on motorized bicycles. After all the Harley folks have done well with organizing theirs. Ohio BMV back in the mid 1980's published "Ohio's Blue Highways" for motorcycle touring. ("blue highways" on a map are secondary roads. Ohio state employees nominated the most scenic summer time roads for the project back then) People would get that comic book sized booklet back then to plan a ride in the most scenic parts of Ohio.

Recently I was watching this one fellow's UTube video of his rear motor belt driven bicycle and listened to his account of seeing America for $10 dollars a day. He went on to explain how he traveled from northern Alabama to Denver for $12 dollars worth of fuel. Most of his $10 a day he said was for food. He said he had built nearly 40 such bikes for his neighbors as well. I see large groups of Harley riders touring around here and they have a travel van with a trailer as a chase vehicle so if any break down they can pick them up and let them ride in the travel van. The same could be easily done with motorbikes.
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