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Default Re: Spark Plug Issues

Great! Thanks for the info! I'll try a NGK B5HS before I go riding down the freeway again. I do like the fact that the Champion plug is shorter and gives me more clearance from the front wheel however I also noticed that the part of the plug that screws into the head on the Champion plug is shorter than the original plug. That might have something to do with it.

But hey! I think anything is better than that piece of crap plug that came with the engine.

Also I'm really interested in trying synthetic oil. I'm at or near the break in period - ok, I may have messed up by breaking the motor in by climbing an 11% grade hill at full throttle for 6 or 7 miles and a few daily 60+ mile outings but it still seems to run great - however I'm somewhat nervous about the mixing ratios of synthetics. 50:1 or even 35:1 seems like too little oil.


P.S. The only issues I've had creep up on me so far is a bad intake gasket and a leaky exhaust gasket. I made a new intake gasket but I ran into the same issue as with the tank sealant. I spent $40 on a quart of sealant and used 3 out of 32 ounces of it. I buy 12" x 15" high temp gasket material and use a 2" x 2" piece. Geeze.

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