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Default Re: Exploded view of HT

Great point Jim. Our Host Paul did a lot for us and our happy little world. He really did. I'll try not to ramble but early on he said he would not curtail free thought or duplicate threads. Just let free flow thoughts, questions and us crazy folks ramble. Changed the motorized bicycle world and more importantly (INMHO) made it safe for folks to develop stuff (Like Jim's products) or DIY stuff. Add to that our Mods. We would only know whats in the box with out what we get to share here with out Paul, our Mods and the other forum. The other forum is nothing like it was way back. The mods there work as hard and are as good spirited as are our's. I say this often but MBers are about a half a bubble off plumb, but to the good. I have a true hatred for the sales/opportunistic folk but they are the exception that prove the rule. (ya can tell em quick. Most often on an inappropriate post)((MOST CERTAINLY NOT JIM OR CE) I in no way mean to suggest that in any way. Jim and CE are a great resource! If I had to design a tank for battle that I would ride in, I would ask him to build it. (but I'd make him ride with me as we got shot at so I could scream; "see! see?" The tank would survive fine but they would find us both dead from strangulation and or from gun shot wounds. snork

Dunno if this is important but I was banned from the other forum for saying "we should be kind to new folks" I also went off badly on the admin and should have been shut down. I lost it and was angry. Yrs later I did get to apologize.

LOL, waz my opening line some thing about "not gonna ramble"?

Hey and just a thought. As members of any community, how can we look out for each other? Be kinder to new folks? Create a place and forum to better share ideas and help each other?

Wow! this was way off topic even for me. sorry
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