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Default Re: Cruiser SeatPost (45 or 60 back)

Seat posts are not hard to fabricate if you have access to a lathe and a source of heat. Most seat posts, not all, but most, are one inch in diameter and tapered down to 7/8" where the saddle attaches. There are exceptions to those measurements.

If you use 1" solid steel rod, machined down to 7/8" then heated and bent you can have the angle and length you need.
I realize that everyone does not have access to the equipment I mentioned above but any metal working shop should be able to make what you need at a reasonable cost. I don't know about schools in your area but in the U.S, high school metal shops might be a place to look for low cost labor and materials. Befriend an instructor there and I'd bet you could have a seat post made for a very small fee.
The handlebar suggestion mentioned is a good one but depending on your weight, tubing might not hold up and will bend. Solid steel rod weighs a bit more but you'll never bend it.
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