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Cool Re: Exploded view of HT

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
"HT" stands for "Happy Time" - originally a derogatory slur comparing the engine to cheap, unreliable Chinese fireworks... It stuck as like those fireworks, they're far more reliable than you'd think and they're an absolute blast to play with lol

TBH, I don't think there is an "exact designation for the generic 66cc Chinese 2 stroke" beyond the "in-frame 66cc Chinese 2 stroke" ...which is a bit cumbersome - thus the adoption of "HT" and "China Girl"... I could be wrong, if so I'd love ta hear what it's supposed to be

As for the "80cc" thing, well other than it's obvious, if ethically dubious marketing value - the story is that the "Chinese use different math/technique to measure displacement" ...which sounds good, even viable - except what bothers me about it is the 49cc doesn't seem subject to this same math... which leads me to believe in my original thought - that it's just advertising hype *shrug*
FALSE ADVERTISING? MARKETING SPIN? On the part of our stalwart Asian suppliers?
Say it aint so!
As far as a name goes I use to call them "China Dolls", China 66s, Chinese fire drills
CHEAP CHINESE P>O>S's... you get the idea...
These guys need to use a better grade of beer can.

I've been trying to find a shop with a CnC machine that would enter the specifications for the china girl and maybe bang me out a few billet cases, barrels and heads... but no luck so far.

So far the Grubee GB5 rat motor seems like the toughest of the type, with its fully counter weighted crank, bigger main bearings, fully internal ignition system and most of all... its steel sleeved barrel.

Slap on a Manic Mechanic ash tray cylinder head, its shorty intake and a SBP pipe on it and you ALMOST have a motor that is pretty much goof proof and nearly fabrication free.
(Shift kit too).

Summers coming and my shop has a back order on 20 GB5s

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