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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Yes, I am a lucky guy. This forum has been very good to me. I've learned a whole lot here and made some very good friends. A lot of talented and big hearted people frequent this site and I'm glad for an opportunity to give back some by sharing what I have learned from our own Tinsmith in the past few weeks.
I'm excited at the prospect of trying my hand at tank #3, putting into practice some of what we have learned here. Today I went shopping for hardware for the next one. Pictured is a hose coupling in the package and a couple of bushings which are used with the 1/4" brass petcocks. The petcock is one I have had and ran across in my stuff today, just like the ones used on the other tanks. I'm not sure where I bought it. The bushing is what Dan soldered to the tank which allows for the petcock to thread in to it, making it removable. The petcocks come with a little filter, but I remove them since I have no intention of fooling with the petcock once it is in place. I prefer relying on an inline filter which is easier to replace.
I've shown a few more pictures of the second tank and today drilled the small vent hole in the brass cap. Without some kind of vent the fuel would eventually starve out due to the vacuum which results from not being vented. Thanks to Ferbal who was kind enough in a much earlier thread to share how he modifies this same cap... The very first post shows the inside of the cap where he places a spacer to keep fuel from sloshing out when you hit a bump in the road.
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