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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Nutton. Not a dang thing. Sick of ice, cold and frosty wind. Went to open the garage, er, I mean shop door and thought a nap sounded better.
(snickers) Riding in shorts here in Phoenix the last two days now that I have my leg back and OK'ed by the doc to pedal with.

Jason and I rode our bikes up to the local muffler shop where I took my spill to get my exhaust pipe finished today.

They welded me on another bolting mounting point and a clever little end pipe for the 3" glass pack muffler (no charge).

She sits like this now until I pull the pipe back off and paint the new addition as well as fix the other paint flaws and put my real sticker on.
That Bad Mojo sticker is just paper with honey holding it on so I could see if I liked it or not.

It is kind of tricky to understand this exhaust...
That is a SBP expansion chamber, and it came with a 5" long silencer in a 2" tube, but I took that outer tube off and shoved it into the 2" diameter bent pipe leading to the 12" long 3" glass pack.

It was pretty quite and a lower tone but not riding behind it (so Jason tells me) so it need a bit more.

The Performance Muffler guy worked with me, bent that pipe, then put this restricter on the end.

That gives me enough obstruction to bounce the shock waves around in the glass pack some more and slow it down without hindering final exhaust gas output and interfering with the tuned Xchamber.

The second mount point works out well too.

One piece welded to the rack strut, one to the pipe.
He just tossed on a bold to me home, I have a better one after I pull the pipe off and paint.

That's it for my exhaust mod though, and I love it, especially for only $50 (not counting the Xchamber)
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