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Default Re: Exploded view of HT

Thanks buzbikebklyn... I think heh - but honestly? I'm learnin' something new everyday, which is mebbe why I'm addicted to the place lol

This is a prime example;

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
When Chris Hill was still in business, on his home page he explained the 80cc thing this way:

When the first ones became available they were incorrectly marketed as 80cc. When people began to realize that they were in fact smaller in displacement it was too late. There were already so many websites and Ebay adds for them that it was difficult to change. So, as the number of suppliers grew and because of the way search engines work, putting 80cc in their ads assured them of more hits than saying that their engines were 66cc, or whatever the accepted figure is today.

Chris made it clear that his engines were not 80cc but many vendors didn't bother to explain the discrepancy and continued to market their product as 80cc. Hence the plethora of ads out there for the bigger displacement engine.
It all starts to make sense now
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