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Default Re: Centrifugal vs. Clutch Engines

gas/kings bike is where I bought mine, I did have to do a lot of work to make it run right. I do have a clutch handle, although to make the cc work right I did have to remove the bearing y'all are talking about, because I believe it was installed backwards. When I first installed it, it was like the cheap motor and I had to pop start it. The cent clutch did not work after removing the bearing it did work, but I now have to pull start it only.... I did loose low end starting off power over the clutch, and it added slow speed vibration but normal running speed is awesome, in fact it runs better than ever at high speed, but that could be due to break in.... I did have a little rubbing on the cc shell but it rubbed its way free and im very happy now.... I do have an un adjustable carb and at idle I have to give it gas and hold bike back but going on flat and wot its faster than I want to go on a bike. Pull start did break without me ever pull starting it ever but I replaced steel cable with lawnmower rope start and it works great now. I can start it and burn out with cc without me on the bike, I weigh 250 hills do make it slip worse but I can now give it gas from a stand still now....and take off although it vibrates bad on low speed, I am very happy with it once I get my bike running right it will be awesome. Go for it you'll be happy I,m looking for a full face helmet today!!!! I sealed the big carb last night, I cant wait to ride again today or tomorrow!!!! And I do have a car and a truck, I just love my motorized bicycle the engine is a grubee sky hawk cns carb with choke on handlebars, 2010 no slant head, black motor epa exhaust cc pull start just like the web sight offers for 200 bucks and its mounted on a Schwinn beach cruiser. I get a lot of compliments and stares and would love for anyone, once I get all the bugs worked out to have this combination..... Its simple to use, yet does beyond the call of duty !!!! Two thumbs up here!!!!
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